Starting January 2019 we are upgrading our reporting capabilities and launching our 24/7 dashboard. Yes, you heard it right: 24/7. You can check your reports in real time at any time of the day*.

This is just the first of a series of innovations that our clients will benefit from throughout 2019 and that will ultimately lead to the creation of a client portal that you will be able to access 24/7.

But for now let’s talk about reporting!


Those of you who have been with us for a while know that we have been sending a comprehensive report, in the form of a PDF, on a monthly basis, typically within the first ten working days of the month.

If you are an SEO client you have also been receiving Excel spreadsheets about your keyword ranking.

While this approached worked for a while, it had two major downsides

  1. As a client, the reporting you would see was influenced by the date the report was generated in
  2. For us as an agency, this type of reporting was way too time-consuming as we had to consolidate data from different sources into one

We always strive to add extra value to our customers. At the same time, we always look for ways to improve our internal workflow and processes.


In the month of December we started looking for companies we could partner with to find a win-win scenario where on the one hand we would improve on the quality and availability of our reporting offer; on the other hand, we would increase the efficiency of our reporting process.

Cyfe was the company that could guarantee both and here’s how this is going to affect the reporting experience for clients.

In the next coming days each client will receive an automated email with a link to their dashboards. For convenience, we have created four separated dashboards: Advertising, Analytics, SEO and Social Media.

Depending on the plan you are on, you will receive a link to one or more dashboards.

To access the dashboard, simply click on the link.

By default, the dashboard shows you data for the last 30 days compared to the previous period but you can filter the data by date by customising the widget on the top right of each dashboard.


This is what the four dashboards show you by default:

  • Advertising – Google Adwords Overview | Google Adwords Details AND / OR Facebook Ads Overview | Facebook Ads Details
  • Analytics – Google Analytics Overview | Google Analytics Traffic Sources | Google Analytics Conversions OR Google Analytics Site Behaviour
  • SEO – Domain Authority and Backlinks | Keyword Ranking
  • Social Media – Facebook Overview | Facebook Top Posts | Facebook Stories | Twitter Overview | Twitter Top Posts | Instagram Overview


Since we are just launching the service, feedback from our clients is most welcome. In particular, we are looking for feedback on the following:

  • Do you prefer multiple dashboards split by area OR one dashboard including everything?
  • Are you happy with the metrics you have access to? If not, what other metrics would you like to see?

The dashboard can be easily accessible on any device but we are still tweaking the layout on mobile so apologies if you get a not-yet-perfect experience on mobile devices.

That’s it for now. We look forward to hearing the feedback from our clients and we are excited to start the year with such an innovation!*

*We now 24/7 reporting is already available (eg Google Analytics). Our solution offers the convenience of looking at data from different data sources in one place without the hassle of manually consolidating spreadsheets 😉

About Pasquale Mellone

24/7 Reporting DashboardsFounder and Head of Strategy at Increasily. He has +15 years of experience in digital marketing and has worked on multilingual projects for international brands and agencies. He currently holds a teaching role at the Digital Marketing Academy of Ireland.


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