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Google Search Page on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

flower with ukrainian colours - russian invasion of ukraine

Did you know that Google has a tailored search page on the Russian invasion of Ukraine?

Search Engine Roundtable flagged it in this article.

It seems that if you type together the words’ Ukraine’ and ‘Russia’ in your search, this will trigger Google to show you a tailored search page on the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

I tried myself from Ireland and this is what I got:

google search page on the russian invasion of ukraine

On the Google custom search results page about the Russian invasion of Ukraine, you can see:

  • Tailored title ‘2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine’
  • Top stories
  • Statistics, in this case ‘Estimated losses’ to include people dead, injured and displaced as well as buildings destroyed and economic damage
  • Photos, in a slideshow
  • Organic search results (of course)
  • People also ask section
  • Wikipedia

Interestingly and as pointed out by a user, if you visit Google.ru you don’t get the same search results page:

I tried myself by using a VPN and this is what I got (text is Google-translated from Russian):

As you can see, not only the page is totally different but also the wording used switched from ‘2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine’ to ‘Russian-Ukrainian war’.

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Featured image by Nati Melnychuk on Unsplash.com


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