Hi guys, I hope your week has been going well!

Here’s the usual online marketing weekly roundup.

I am still playing a bit of catch up with work left behind from my recent holiday to Italy.

The cold I caught didn’t help with the task but we are getting close to be back on track!

I am going to make a few, gradual changes to the roundup. Hope you like it!

Quote of the Week

Every person in your organization needs to wear a button. And they can choose one of two. The choice is up to them, but they have to own it. One button says, “I don’t care.” The other button says, “I’d like to help.” (Seth Godin’s Blog, 24th October 2019)

If you are interested in Search

If you are curious about Social Media

If it’s WordPress you want to know about

The most interesting article we received

That’s it folks, short and sweet!

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About Pasquale Mellone

Online Marketing Weekly Roundup, 19th-25th Oct 2019Founder and Head of Strategy at Increasily. He has +15 years of experience in digital marketing and has worked on multilingual projects for international brands and agencies. He currently holds a teaching role at the Digital Marketing Academy of Ireland.


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