Our Web Maintenance Monthly Plan Features

All our Web Maintenance monthly plans include the following features with addons also available

Regular updates of your website plugins and core

Regular scan and removal of malware from your website

Regular backup of your website files and database

Firewall installation to protect your website from threats

Regular cleanup and optimisation of your database

Installation and activation of spam filtering plugin

Regular updates of your website content (addon)

Email and phone support and troubleshooting (addon)

What is Web Maintenance?

Web Maintenance is the practice of updating and monitoring your website to protect it from online threats

What Does Web
Maintenance Include?

Website maintenance includes updates, backup, antivirus and malware scan

How Long is Website Maintenance?

Website maintenance is generally done on a weekly or monthly basis

Does Your Website Need Web Maintenance?

Deciding on whether your website needs or not web maintenance comes down to a number of factors

Do You Have the Time or Resources to Update Your Site?

You and your team might want to focus on growing your business and outsource your web maintenance

Do You Have the Right Skills?

Provided you have time or resources, are your web maintenance skills up to the task of this competitive industry?

How Much Does Web Maintenance Cost?

Web Maintenance is generally paid through a monthly plan. The cost depends on a number of factors:

Number of Services

Do you only need somebody to update your plugins or also to protect your website?

Maintenance Frequency

How often do you want to update and monitor your website: weekly, monthly?

Why Choose Us for Your Web Maintenance?

Below you can find some of the reasons that makes us a little different from another Web Maintenance agency

Goals & Objectives

We will agree with you on clear goals and objectives to grow your business

Over 15 Years of Experience

Our Founder has +15 years of experience and teaches Web Maintenance at the Digital Marketing Academy

Flexible Terms

Our Website Maintenance contracts are flexible and renewable month-on-month. No credit card required

From the Blog

Read the latest Web Maintenance news and articles directly from our blog

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