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We have a team of people in Dublin, Ireland offering Human-to-Human SEO services that will make it easier for your audience to find you online.

Our Awards


Reviewbox Awards 2022

Best Website


Titan Business Awards 2022

Best Website, Energy Category


NYX Marcom Awards 2022

Best Instagram Page


Muse Creative Awards 2022

Best Website, Restaurant Category


CIO Review Europe Magazine 2022

Top 10 Indispensable Digital Marketing Agencies, Europe


MarTech Awards 2022

Best Digital Marketing Agency, Europe


Web Excellence Awards 2022

Best Website, Restaurant Category


Corporate LiveWire Global Awards 2022

H2H Marketing Specialists of the Year

Winner Safest Content Award 2022

Safest Website, Content & Links

Our H2H SEO Services

All our H2H SEO agency monthly plans include the following services to improve your search engine rankings

Keyword Research

Research for the most relevant keyword phrases for your business

Link Building

Organic building of incoming links to increase your Google traffic

SEO Audit

Audit of your website to improve performance

SEO Strategy

Creation and execution of a tailored marketing SEO strategy

Page Load Speed

Optimisation of page load speed for your indexed pages

Onpage Optimisation

SEO Title, Meta Description, Alt Text, Keyword Density & More

Local SEO

Because SEO in Ireland is different than SEO in the United Kingdom

Technical SEO

Google Search Console Setup, XML sitemap and robots.txt

Ecommerce SEO

Optimisation of your Woocommerce or Shopify store, products and collections

Guest Posting

Writing of high-quality content for your website published on third party content publishers

Web Analytics

Monthly reporting and online reporting dashboard to track your search engine traffic through analytics programmes


Writing of user-specific, fresh content to increase your website search engine rankings (addon)

Our Success Stories

These are stories of the people and brands we have worked with and helped connect with their audience

Story of the Month:

Learn more about the stories and experiences that we have built.

+50% Increase
Number of conversions

Google (organic)

+13% Increase
Number of conversions

Google Shopping Ads

Our Clients

These are the people and the brands we have met, listened to, helped and shared the journey with

Irish Brands

International Brands


We are very grateful for these tokens of appreciation from the people we have shared our H2H journey with.


Increasily have built and managed our website as well as managing all our digital content. In that time, we have found them to be both professional and personable in providing us the platform to grow and develop our content and reach.

Neil Kennedy
Co-Founder, Marathonkids Ireland


An educated and affordable web and seo solution from professional and team of skilled operators who listen and are proactive in their approach. I found them very compatible and easy to communicate and work with. Delighted with the finished product..

Eamonn Cunningham
Owner, Dolce Verre


I have been using Increasily for almost a year now. I find them very professional, very easy to deal with and most importantly I can see that we are getting excellent exposure and this is resulting in increased revenue . I would highly recommend Increasily to anybody.

Paul Haugh
Owner, The Wild Atlantic Lodge

About Our H2H SEO Agency

This is what our H2H, Human-to-Human SEO agency is about and why it’s different from the rest

What is H2H Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

H2H Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is about making it easier for your audience to find your business on the major search engines and connect online.

What Does a H2H SEO Agency Do?

A Human-to-Human SEO agency helps your audience find your business online without friction for relevant search queries.

What SEO Services Does a H2H SEO Agency Offer?

H2H SEO Services are highly-personalised to your needs. In general, we help your website increase its organic search traffic by creating and optimising relevant content., January 2022, January 2022

+46% Increase
Number of sessions

Google (Month-on-Month)

+74% Increase
Number of sessions

Google (Year-on-Year), November 2021, November 2021

+54% Increase
Number of sessions

Google (Month-on-Month)

+580% Increase
Number of sessions

Google (Year-on-Year)

Do You Need a H2H SEO Agency?

Deciding on whether you need or not to hire a H2H SEO agency is a critical decision for your business.

Is Your Audience Finding Your Website Easily?

The pain point of every website is its visibility when your audience searches for you in Google search engine results.

Is the Number of People that Finds You Increasing Consistently?

It’s important that your website traffic grows consistently for the relevant keywords.

How Much Does a H2H SEO Agency Cost in Ireland?

Our H2H SEO services are highly-personalised to the people we work with. The pricing for our successful H2H SEO services depends on a number of factors.

Keyword Difficulty

How difficult or competitive are the keywords that your audience is using?

Number of Keywords

How many keyword phrases or themes do you want your audience to find you for?

seo agency ireland report, September 2021

+24% Increase
Number of sessions

Google (Month-on-Month)

+100% Increase
Number of sessions

Google (Year-on-Year)

seo agency ireland report, September 2021

+20% Increase
Number of sessions

Google (Month-on-Month)

+118% Increase
Number of sessions

Google (Year-on-Year)

Why Choose a H2H SEO Agency?

Below you can find some of the reasons that makes us a little different from another SEO company.

Equality and Honesty

We treat each customer equally and with honesty, regardless of their budget.


We are hypertransparent on who we are, what we do and how we do it…including when we make mistakes.


We prefer personalisation to automation. We believe in co-creation and we will work with you on finding your audience online.

From the Blog

Read the latest H2H SEO news and articles directly from our H2H SEO agency

Our H2H SEO Packages & Plans

Here you will find our affordable search engine optimisation packages and monthly plans

Local SEO

from €299 / month
  • 1 Keyword Topic
  • 5 Targeted Keywords
  • 25 Tracked Keywords
  • Google My Business Setup
  • Basic Keyword Research
  • Page Titles & Meta Descriptions
  • Page Load Speed Optimisation
  • Google Search Console
  • ALT Text for Images
  • Local Citations
  • Editorial Content
  • Informational Content
  • Guest Posting
  • Business Listings
  • Rich Media istribution
  • 24/7 Reporting Dashboard
  • Monthly Reporting

National SEO

from €599 / month
  • 1 Keyword Category
  • 10 Targeted Keywords
  • 20 Tracked Keywords
  • Google My Business Setup
  • Advanced Keyword Research
  • Page Titles & Meta Descriptions
  • Page Load Speed Optimisation
  • Google Search Console
  • ALT Text for Images
  • Link Building
  • Editorial Content
  • Informational Content
  • Guest Posting
  • Business Listings
  • Rich Media Distribution
  • 24/7 Reporting Dashboard
  • Monthly Reporting

Our H2H SEO Process

Here you will find an overview of our SEO process and workflow from onboarding to SEO reporting and monthly consultation

Onboarding & Website Audit

We do an advanced SEO audit of your website, online presence of your business and gather information about your target audience and goals.

Keyword Research & SEO Strategy

We research the most relevant keywords based on your industry vertical and feedback. Target keywords are run by you for approval.

Onpage Optimisation

Based on our SEO audit and keyword research, we implement high-quality content optimisation to your website. Extensive on page optimisation includes Google tools integration, plagiarism check, page load time & mobile friendly check and implementation of page title, meta description, header tags, internal linking, schema setup, image alt and hyperlink optimisation.

Link Building

We create a high-authority backlink portfolio with monthly link building via informational content posting, guest blogging, business listings and rich media distribution.

Reporting & Monthly Call

Our powerful reporting dashboard shows you exactly where your SEO budget is going. Every SEO task performed is reported in real-time to track progress and clearly outline value. We also provide weekly and monthly reporting and consultation calls.

What H2H SEO work to expect

Here you will find the full service description with all the SEO tasks that we perform, broken down by month

  • Month 1
  • Month 2
  • Month 3
  • Every Month

What SEO tasks to expect on the first month

  • Reporting & Customer Dashboard
  • Global Website Audit
  • Page Specific Audit - up to 10 Pages
  • Keyword Grouping & URL Mapping 
  • Duplicate Content Check - Up to 10 Pages
  • Google Penalty Check
  • Web Form Conversion Tracking Setup
  • Review Widget Installation & Review Monitoring (optional)
  • Call Tracking (up to 200 minutes) - Ask for Quote
  • Web Form Conversion Tracking
  • Google Analytics
  • Title & Meta Tags - Up to 10 Pages
  • Image, Hyperlink, Heading Tag & Internal Links Optimisation - Up to 2 Pages
  • Robots.txt Optimisation
  • Canonicalization
  • Adding Rich Snippets
  • Voice Search Optimisation
  • Product Schema Set Up (Type, Offers, Review Rating)
  • Images and Logo Schemas
  • Google My Business Setup
  • GMB Listing Optimisation (Adding Images, Videos, Hours of Operation)

What SEO tasks to expect on the second month

  • Link Detox - Up to 50 Domains
  • Home Page Speed Reporting (Desktop & Mobile)
  • Image, Hyperlink, Heading Tag & Internal Links Optimisation - Up to 4 Pages
  • 1 Website Content Writing (250 Words Per Page)
  • 1 Blog Writing with Social Boost
  • 2 Editorial / Guest Blog with Social Boost
  • 1 Magazine / News Placement
  • 1 Q&A Posting
  • Google Analytics Account Creation, Installation & Setup
  • Google Search Console Account Creation, Installation & Setup
  • Broken Link Fixing
  • Bing Webmasters Account Creation, Installation & Setup
  • User HTML Sitemap Creation, Uploading & Linking
  • XML Sitemaps Creation & Submission to Google & Bing
  • Bing, Apple Maps & Facebook Local Listing Optimization
  • Yelp Advanced Optimisation (Phone Verification Required)
  • 1 Authority Business Listings
  • 2 Business Citations
  • Local Citation Audit
  • NAP Inconsistency Fix
  • Optimize Existing Listings
  • Troubleshoot Duplicate Listings
  • Website Social Boost - 1 URL X 5 Sites
  • 1 Promotional Video
  • 1 Business Presentation
  • 1 Social Network Citations
  • 1 Coupon Distribution (if provided)

What SEO tasks to expect on month 3

  • Image, Hyperlink, Heading Tag & Internal Links Optimisation - Up to 4 Pages
  • Image Submission

What SEO tasks to expect every month

  • 1 Blog Writing
  • 2 Editorial / Guest Blogs
  • 1 Social Network Citations
  • 1 Authority Business Listings
  • 2 Business Citations
  • Website Social Boost - 1 URL X 5 Sites
  • Full Web-Based 24/7 Access to all Reports
  • Weekly SEO Status Reports
  • Monthly SEO Performance Reports
  • Customer Support (Email, Chat & Telephone)


Here you will hopefully find an answer to some of the most frequently asked questions about SEO that we get

Does SEO work for every type of business?

Yes! As long as a business offers a viable product or service, SEO can move their website higher in search rankings and drive more sales.

Generally speaking, all websites need to be visible online, making it easy for their audience to find.

Our advice on deciding whether you need the services of our Human-to-Human SEO Agency or not would be to check two simple things:

  1. Does your audience easily find you online? You can easily check this by typing keywords related to your services or products from your desktop or laptop (not mobile!) and see if your website is showing up on Google first page, ideally the first three placements
  2. Is your website loading in less than 3 seconds? That’s the recommended time. Anything longer than that, you will lose a % of your visitors due to your website being slow to load. You can check the your website page load speed on

Certainly! You can check the some selected projects we are proud of by clicking here.

An SEO Audit is a review of your online presence, in relation to your visibility and ranking in search engines like Google.

An SEO Audit would also look at potential technical issues (Technical SEO) that are not visible to the average user.

Another area the SEO Audit covers is page experience and page load speed: how fast does your web pages load?

Link-Building is the strategy of organically generating links from other websites.

The number and quality of links is still considered by Google as one of the main factors for deciding on how much visibility to give to your website.

Think of a link as a recommendation or referral from another website.

Local Search is the area of SEO focused on improving the visibility and traffic for a local business or for a website that wants to be visible to a specific geographical area.

While Local Search follows most of the typical SEO rules, it also responds to additional ranking factors like the locality the search is made from, number of reviews and how optimised your Google Maps listing is.

In our SEO strategy, we use a mix of the following SEO tactics:

Keyword Optimization: It takes a lot to rank well for a keyword, so we do exhaustive research to find the most relevant keywords for your business.

Website Optimization: We perform a full-service cleanup as well as exhaustive upgrades to the website code and user experience.

Business Profile Development: To make sure Google and prospective customers know that the business is active, we create and maintain up-to-date profiles on Google My Business and trusted online business directories.

Link Portfolio Development: We create a diverse portfolio of backlinks to the website and place them in strategic locations all over the web—on popular industry sites, news sites, blogs, articles, and more.

Custom Content Creation: We create and post high-quality content that will keep the website fresh and at the top of the search rankings and position your company as an expert in your niche.

Service and Performance Reporting: We provide weekly and monthly reports that show businesses how their SEO campaign is performing as well as an in-depth review of all the work we’ve done on their behalf.

Campaign Monitoring and SEO Consulting: Our goal is to help businesses succeed online. To help achieve this we actively monitor every SEO campaign to identify areas for improvement. We also provide monthly consultations to review each campaign and ensure client goals are being met.

Local SEO targets local search specifically. If your audience is within a few miles from your business location and your online presence is meant to drive foot traffic to an actual establishment, then Local SEO is the right SEO package for your business. This is done through several methods including using geo-centric keywords, producing locally relevant content, building citations on local niches and directories, etc.

National SEO, which can include Ecommerce SEO, is location neutral. It’s ideal for websites that generate revenue exclusively online or are just looking to generate awareness through a wide audience. If you’re running a nationwide campaign or an e-commerce campaign, this is the perfect methodology for you.

Canceling a plan is an easy and no-questions-asked process. All you need to do is sending an email [email protected] a month in advance.

Yes, at any time. You can both upgrade or downgrade your plan by sending an email to [email protected] a month in advance of the planned upgrade or downgrade.

We accept online payments, Paypal, Stripe, direct debit and bank transfer (for individual projects such as web design). 


At this stage, we only accept contactless payments (no checks or cash).

Our team is available Monday to Friday 9 am – 5:30 pm at [email protected]

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