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The 8 Most Effective Automation Tools for Streamlining Content Creation

content creation automation tools

To fulfill customers needs, marketing teams have to aim to deliver the correct messages to their target audience and have perfect timing in doing so.

By integrating these into your everyday workflow, your team will have the opportunity to handle intensive responsibilities and repurpose content through many channels, gaining higher value from the content they are promoting.

Well, without further ado, in this article, we will discuss the eight most effective automation tools you can use for content creation.

8 Automation tools you can use for creating content

content creation


Appcues is a tool that relieves users from in-app messaging frustrations they may have. Nevertheless, you may ask, what is in-app messaging in the first place? Well, it’s interactions users make from applications such as social media apps.

Many sites are linking their content to social media apps and using the power of in-app messaging to communicate and interact with their clients. Appcues ensure that every interaction with your users is good, Guiding new users and increasing conversion and activation rates.

Whenever you create content, you have to know that new users will visit you, so you have to ensure that your onboarding process is good. Appcues help solve this issue by building high-converting onboarding tours without technical knowledge, keeping customers satisfied when using your product, and allowing perfect content creation.

You can use Appcues for free, but paid plans will range from $249 to $849 per month.


HappyScribe is a tool used to transcribe mp3 to text. You may be wondering how this can directly affect content creation? Well, if you are creating content with videos, it plays a massive role in transcribing mp3 files into text. Moreover, Happy Scribe can do this in more than 60 languages!

This is important since statistics show that 92% of viewers watch videos without sound. Most people find themselves around public areas and may not have the time to watch videos with sound. The mp3 to text converter makes their lives easier by providing video text.

This is important for content since more people can view it in public areas. Additionally, you can choose to transcribe your mp3 files either by the AI or by a human. Human-made transcriptions are up to 99% accurate, and machine-generated ones (by the AI) are only 85% accurate.

Pricing with HappyScribe that is transcribed the AI is 0.20 Euros per minute and begins with a free trial. However, those who have human translation start anywhere from 2 to 20.85 Euros per minute.

Article Forge

Article Forge is a more diverse software than you may think. For example, article Forge is one of the only AI tools you can use to write in up to seven languages. Even though this feature doesn’t seem as attractive, Article Forge’s competition remains low, allowing you and your team to gain the upper hand over competitors.

Furthermore, when you have this upper hand, your content can stand out more and better hit your target audience. Thus, the tool makes it easier for you to produce quality content and reach a worldwide audience and get an upper hand over your competitors.

Article Forge is free to try out and has up to three paid plans. However, with every paid plan, you get a free trial and will pay up to $57 per month with their most advanced plan. If you choose to pay annually, you’ll get a considerable discount that can be a tremendous upper hand!


Encharge is a top choice for email marketing automation. But, of course, you can also create content and email or set up promotional messages to promote it. Nevertheless, the entire point of email marketing is to send out emails on time and create action-based CTAs to convert and retain customers.

Furthermore, Encharge allows you to create highly personalized emails that are a key target for your email marketing campaign and its features. Additionally, you have a flow builder that you can use to create remarkable user journeys.

In other words, it’ll automatically send out emails based on user behavior patterns. Above all, this tool can take care of transactional emails, including payment receipts, password resets, and much more.

As far as pricing with Encharge goes, you get a free 14-day trial you can use to try out and see if the platform is for you or not. Nevertheless, pricing plans start at $49 and go up to $1,200 per month.


SocialBee is a social media scheduling tool that you can use to schedule the content you want to publish across various social media channels. Whenever you plan a post, you can assign each post to different categories to ensure that you are on track with your content.

You can pause your posts, make edits, and re-queue them at any time during the posting schedules. This is an excellent option if you create content via social media channels such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other popular sites.

Moreover, SocialBee is an excellent tool for tracking your marketing campaigns for creating content. You can use the custom URLs optimized for social media and automatically generate tracking codes to measure interactions with your social media links.

However, you should consider that if you own a large company, SocialBee might be a better option than smaller companies. Moreover, you can create different workspaces if you want to post for more than one brand and set up automated replies on email or social media comments.

Pricing plans with SocialBee start at $19 per month.


Grammarly is an AI genius for proofreading all of your content. It’s an AI-powered writing assistant that analyzes all of your written content and suggests what kind of changes you need to make. It uses natural language processing (NLP) to ensure the accuracy of your grammar in your content, spelling, punctuation, and even scanning for copied content (plagiarism).

However, there’s quite a difference between the free and paid version. The free version will help you correct your spelling mistakes, while Grammarly Pro will suggest word choices, refine your writing tone, and fix any punctuation, comma, and other errors. Nevertheless, you can choose what kind of tone you want to use and other grammatical recommendations.

Pricing plans with Grammarly pro costs more than $100 annually. However, you’ll be paying much more if you pay monthly. From time to time, Grammarly has discounts that you can use. They will usually email you these relatively large discounts. From time to time, you can get up to 50% discounts!


Wordsmith is an AI-powered writing software that is used for short-form content. Since it is popular for short-form content, you can create countless personalized reports from articles equating to the time it will take to create one without lowering the quality.

Nevertheless, this platform can transform data into narratives, which will help shift the customer’s perspective. Wordsmith needs a small amount of detail for setting up product descriptions, updates, and much more. These types of insights can increase sales since the platform improves customer engagement and retention.

AI Writer

Nobody ever said it was easy to write an engaging copy. Your copy should be exciting and engaging for your readers. AI Writer is an excellent tool for helping you generate quality copy in only a couple of minutes.

Moreover, instead of wasting so much time writing an article, or any other content, you can provide a full article draft where AI Writer will generate the content for you. AI Writer can research and write the article from scratch for you. Then, it will research the article and republish it on your site/blog.

AI Writer doesn’t want to plagiarize any content, so it’s a verifiable platform that will engage in deep research for writing the article. Since it’s powered by AI technology, it’s also contributed to writing accurate content.

AI Writer is free to use for a week. Paid plans start at $29 for up to 40 articles and up to $59 for more than 100 articles. If you choose to pay annually, you’ll get two free months.

Wrapping it up

That’s all for this article. These are the eight automation tools you can use for creating content. The tool you’ll choose will depend on what kind of business requirements you have and what your content is focused on. For example, is your business focused on social media? Or is it writing blogs daily?

Whatever your aim is, ensure that you know it before you choose which tool to continue using. Nevertheless, don’t forget to compare prices between tools as well. You don’t want to be paying more for a tool that isn’t worth it, now do you?

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