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Increasily has been awarded the Corporate Vision MarTech award for ‘Best Digital Marketing Agency Europe’.

This is the fourth recognition for Increasily in 2022 after:

  • the Safest Content Award for Content and Links
  • the Web Excellence Awards for Best Website in the Restaurant Category (
  • the Corporate LiveWire Global Awards for ‘H2H Marketing Specialists of the Year’

It follows 2021 awards including:

MarTech Awards 2022 recognise the world’s most committed and cutting-edge marketers – whose innovative solutions and strategies assist brands in accurately, efficiently, and effectively reaching their desired customer base.

Awardees must demonstrate expertise within a given field, dedication to customers service and commitment to excellence and innovation.

Increasily Founder and Head of Strategy, Pasquale Mellone, commented:

It’s already been an incredible 2022 with four awards in the space of a month and a half. I am particularly happy about this Best Digital Marketing Agency Europe award, which follows last year’s nomination for Best Digital Marketing Agency Europe.

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