How to choose the Best WordPress Theme for Affiliate Sites


If you have ever thought about opening a website, one of the first questions that has probably come to your mind is how it can work and attract the attention of internet users. Considering that there are thousands of websites on the internet, the competition in the market is tough, so a website must meet certain requirements for it to appear at the top of the search results and receive benefits when it comes to monetising the website through affiliate sites.

In this sense, there are certain aids such as the Wasabi Theme template for WordPress that will help to meet the goal of receiving economic benefits and get your website is well positioned on websites like AdSense, Aliexpress, eBay and Amazon among others. Below, you can find answers to interesting questions on the subject so you can learn a little more about how this type of template works

What is Wasabi Theme?

It is a WordPress template developed by and for SEOs, one of its great strengths to learn how to position and monetize websites. In addition, its loading speed is excellent, and it has no compatibility problems with different affiliate and advertising programs that interest you to monetize your project.

Why choose Wasabi Theme as a WordPress template?

Wasabi Theme is the most used template in the Hispanic market (with more than 900 active customers) when publishing niche websites monetized with Amazon Affiliates. That is why now it has been decided to expand the market and start promoting this template in other markets.

The main difference from other templates is that you can find everything you need, from plugins to run a real monetized website to an affiliate link publishing system. In this sense Wasabi Theme adapts perfectly to all types of niches, so whatever your web project is, you can be sure that its appearance and performance will be 100 % professional, as well as with excellent functionality ensuring a satisfactory customer experience.

As for the AdSense ads, you can include them in different sections of the website in just a few clicks, the same with the affiliate programs for which you can create comparative tables or choose to generate them automatically, but always with the possibility that you, as the user creator, can choose the design you prefer for these tabs and tables.

Finally, you can keep track of the affiliated links to monitor the products out of stock or out of stock and know when it is time to cover this lack of stock or change the product in record time without this being a problem for sales and economic loss.

In addition, if what you have in mind is to create an online shop you should know that Wasabi Theme is compatible with WooCommerce without the need to install alternative plugins, because as mentioned above you have everything you need from your SEO plugin par excellence and others such as: AAWP, AD Inserter, WP Rocket, CookieBot or Easy Social.

Advantages of Wasabi Theme

  • Loading speed and agile functionality thanks to its real-time publishing system and the benefits of not needing extra plugins.
  • Operation with or without
  • Possibility of choosing your own designs with minimalist appearance or with the elements that best suit your tastes and preferences.
  • Systematic economic benefits.
  • Excellent data structure and SEO positioning.
  • Recurring updates to keep up to date with new versions of WordPress.
  • Full WooCommerce compatibility.
  • Products, comparison tables and Best Seller lists with Amazon, AliExpress, and eBay APIs.


Whether you’re just starting out in the niche world or you’re a seasoned website builder, Wasabi Theme is an excellent choice for achieving your business goals at an excellent price without the need for external plugins and with a very positive future profit margin.

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Pasquale Mellone

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