How To Boost Brand Visibility Using Your Logo On Invoices

Have you ever thought about your invoice as a marketing tool? It’s the document you give to a customer after they’ve opted to do business with your company. So, how could it possibly be part of your marketing collateral? Why would you need to customize it and add your logo?

The answer is simple.

Adding your logo to your invoice improves your brand visibility, and it adds another touchpoint for your audience to connect with. But best of all, it reminds customers of your company and the product or service they’ve purchased. 

Read on to learn more. 

Benefits of Adding Your Logo To Your Invoice

Improving your brand visibility is always good for business. When you brand your invoices appropriately, you do the following for your company:

  1. You Create a Cohesive Brand Experience

Cohesion across all touchpoints that your business has with customers is marketing gold. From the first moment that a potential customer comes into contact with your business, right through to the invoice they receive after the sale concludes,  you want your customers to know instantly who they’re dealing with.

All of this serves to give your business credibility and increases the loyalty and trust that customers feel toward your company.

  1. Make Your Business Look Professional

A branded invoice really makes your business look more professional, even if you’ve used a free template that you’ve downloaded. When you take a generic template and customize it to include your company colors and add your logo, you get an invoice that shows who you are and what your business is all about.

The more professional your invoices, the more likely it is that customers will remember you and your brand for future business.

  1. Stand Out from Your Competitors

When you make the effort to personalize your invoices, you’ll ensure that your paperwork stands out from the crowd. Imagine a customer getting numerous invoices from suppliers and companies in one month. These invoices quickly become a sea of papers that all look the same—unless you have something special to make your invoice stand out from the rest.

 This is where your logo comes into play. A well-designed, memorable logo will catch the attention of whoever sees it and reinforce your brand identity in their minds. 

How to Add Your Logo to Your Invoice

Now you know why you should be adding your logo to your invoice, let’s look at the best way to do this:

  • Choose the Right Position for Your Logo

You want your logo to stand out prominently on your invoice. But it mustn’t detract from important information, take up too much space, or get in the way of the details. It’s usually best to put your logo at the top of the page or the bottom.

Positioning it at the top works well because this is usually where you would put your company details. You can then include your logo as part of those details.

As for the size of your logo on your invoice, you want to ensure that there’s balance within the overall design. This means that your logo should be big enough that it’s clearly visible and any words on it can be read with ease. It shouldn’t be too big, however, because then it will leave you with too little space for important details.

Another consideration is how people are going to view your invoices. If they’re usually printed out, then you want to think about how the full page will look. If you usually email your invoices, then your customers aren’t always going to see the page in its entirety. They may scroll through the invoice on a computer or smartphone.

  • Resize your Logo to an Appropriate File Size

Speaking of the size of your logo image,  you need to ensure that the file size is suitable. Remember, in the digital world, bigger is not always better. If your logo file size isn’t optimized for digital use, then you could end up with your invoices being very large files. These are difficult to email and can easily upset your customers.

On the other hand, you don’t want the file size to be too small. If the image resolution is low, you’ll end up with a fuzzy, pixelated logo that isn’t very clear. This will negatively impact your professionalism.

It’s all about finding the right balance of small enough to email and large enough to look crisp and clear. Whether you’re using a printable invoice template or you’re planning to send your invoices digitally, the correct balance is key.

  • Use Your Brand Colors Elsewhere on the Invoice

Adding your logo to your invoice should be just the first step. If you really want your invoice to stand out from your competitors and improve your brand visibility, then you need to incorporate your entire brand identity into the design. This includes using your brand colors in your invoice. You could do this through font colors or changing the color of the blocks and borders around them.

  • Include Specific Brand Fonts Where Possible

Finally, you should use the fonts that you use for all of your brand marketing material on your invoices. Take the same fonts that you use in your logo, on your website, and on any marketing material that you create, and use them as the key fonts for your invoice information.

Just remember that you don’t want to use fonts that have a lot of flourishes for the important details on your invoice. If your customers can’t easily read the line items, the payment details or any other information needed to finalize the transaction, you’ll find that your brand is impacted negatively.

Tell a Story with Every Customer Touchpoint

Your invoice is one of the last touchpoints that you have with a customer for a transaction. You need to ensure that it’s memorable and that the paperwork continues to make a good impression. You never know—strong brand visibility on your invoice could lead to repeat sales and word-of-mouth advertising. And it’s as easy as adding your logo.

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