how to use whatsapp carts

How to Use Whatsapp Carts – In this article I write about Whatsapp Carts, which is the latest addition to Whatsapp shopping capabilities.

You will learn what Whatsapp Carts is, why it’s important for your business and as a customer, and how to use Whatsapp Carts.

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What is Whatsapp Carts?

Carts is a new feature of Whatsapp Business that allows users to message a business about multiple items by simply adding them to their cart.

Why is Whatsapp Carts Important?

With a growing number of transactions happening via instant messaging, Carts is very important for businesses that sell multiple items at once, like restaurants or clothing stores.

How to Use Whatsapp Carts

How to Add a Product

To add a product to your Whatsapp Cart:

  1. Open a Whatsapp chat with the business you would like to order from
  2. Click on the shopping button icon next to their name to access their catalog
  3. Select the product you would like to order
  4. Click ADD TO CART
    • You can also click on MESSAGE BUSINESS if you’d like to ask a specific question about the product

How to Edit Your Cart

To edit your Whatsapp Cart:

  1. Click on VIEW CART to see all the products you have in your cart
  2. Click on ADD MORE if you want to go back to the catalogue and add more products
  3. You can also edit quantity for each product added to your cart

How to Place an Order

To place an order on Whatsapp:

  1. Once you are happy with your selection of products in your cart, you can send it to the business as a WhatsApp message
  2. Once sent, you will be able to see the details of your order by clicking on VIEW CART in your chat with the business



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