Noelle is now 18 months old. She is getting ready for the summer holidays with lots of excitement. She is beach bod ready from all her trips to the gym and can’t wait to make a splash in the ocean


Her socialisers are really mad about her and think she is the cleverest dog they ever knew.

She has been calling in to the centre to say hello to us and she really is the most loveable, cuddly dog!


Greetings from Noddy. Noddy is now 18 months old and has grown into a very handsome and loving dog. His socialisers are absolutely in love with him.

He is making the most of the sunshine and spending his day tottering around the garden, helping people dig holes and plant new flowers. He has excellent garden design skills.

He has great plans for the summer, including visits to the beach, walking in the woods and enjoying a lazy summer.


Pasquale Mellone

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