Top 11 Cvent Alternatives & Competitors in 2023

Since COVID-19 has made the world aware of how our lives can go through a drastic change, things were never the same after the pandemic, especially regarding hosting events and selecting venues. However, the world has become more connected with everything online, from classes and business to virtual events. And now that things are starting to look good for everyone, people have accepted the hybrid way of life!

Hybrid events have become incredibly popular to help your business reach its maximum profit and productivity. Today there are several companies like Cvent and GoAllEvents that tend to the needs of people concerning events solutions. Platforms like GoAllEvents allow end users to seamlessly build complex registration algorithms. At the same time, you can also set up any type of communication flow by taking the complexity into account.

These platforms will cater to your needs, from reimbursement to ticketing and choosing a venue. When it comes to event planning, solving everyday problems is a part of your job. Your attendees being taken care of and allowing them to have a great experience throughout becomes easy if you.

Let’s dive into the alternatives of Cvent alternatives that you need to try beyond 2022 to have the best event solution at your disposal.


Suppose you’re looking to provide your audience with the best service and help them sell tickets seamlessly with super efficiency. The platform allows you to run email campaigns for events like no other. At the same time, you can leverage the benefit of intelligent booking, a reminder feature that would further help you sell your events. GoAllEvents is different from almost every other vendor on the list because the event organizers are free to use. Only when the end customers make money do they charge a minimal amount. It doesn’t matter if you want to host a yoga workshop or a massive music festival for just a handful of people. The all-in-one platform for ticketing and event solutions has got you covered.


When it comes to pulling off an incredible event, Eventbrite makes the entire process easier. Eventbrite is a global platform that aids users from across the world to not only find but also create events from one console. As a centralized platform, Eventbrite comes with the ability to give people the best time of their lives. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a creator, you need your business to have a significant impact when it comes to hosting parties, events, even a New Year party. You might have come across several cvent vs eventbrite comparison circulating the internet. Truth to be told, Cvent, Eventbrite as well as GoAllEvents provides the best province to host events.


Eventzilla became popular in 2022 for hosting hybrid and virtual events. For any event organizer, engaging with attendees much before the event begins and much long after the event ends is a great challenge. Eventzilla aids you with a built-in attendee network, live streaming, engage with the audience. You also get to use different features, such as polls and activity streams. You also get to have the most far-reaching experience not only for you but also for your audience. You can also choose to broadcast studio-quality sessions that encompass live streaming. What’s more, you can create a community right from the platform.

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Whova has redefined how event management solutions should function. The platform is trendy, looks incredibly modern, and has all the elements that make event management engaging for attendees to attract as well. Where do event organisers spend most of their time? Managing the logistics part before and after an event is great. In addition, the platform comprises an award-winning app, which is available for both Android & iOS devices. In the past five years, Whova has powered over 30,000 hybrids and virtual and in-person conferences. By the looks of it, the majority of these events were government events, education events, trade shows, corporate events, community gatherings, and expos.

Webex Events:

Formerly known as Socio, Webex Events is purpose-built to offer an incredible event experience. It simplifies the entire event management process and helps you foster memorable experiences to help you drive better results. As a virtual event platform, Webex empowers both event organizers and marketers to host revolutionary events. In addition, you can build an event from scratch and customize it as per your needs in just four steps! In addition, if you want to customize the platform’s offering with regard to your brand image, it will also enhance your brand presence.


The platform defines itself as the next-gen platform for core event management. It provides impressive virtual, in-person, as well as hybrid experiences for leading brands across the world. The platform calls out to the leaders in the field of event management to engage audiences, manage events, and deliver groundbreaking ticketing and event solutions. The platform speaks directly to its end-use by giving them a community experience where they are open to listening to your needs to make your brand stand out! You can simplify your game in event management by personalizing the experience for attendees with multi-track features and dynamic registration flow! You can build, execute, manage, and measure success for events from a single central hub.


The platform is one of the leading hybrid and virtual event management platforms worldwide. VFairs came into being to help organizations worldwide, irrespective of their sizes and market capital. VFairs features a unique feature called 3D virtual venue alongside other expansive features that helps end-users create a completely virtual experience for all your audience. You can also access functional webinars, content sharing, networking features, and booths for virtual exhibitions. Additionally, the event platform is supported by a robust team that takes care of customer service and satisfaction to help you every step of the way!


If you’re looking for a solution that gets your events to the right people, Splash is everything you need and more. With Splash, you can create an engaging and interactive branding experience. At the same time, you can optimize conversion throughout the event lifecycle stages. You can leverage visible data, which is accurate for straightforward and seamless follow-ups and reporting. Empowering your entire team when it comes to executing events can never be this easy. As the next-generation platform for event marketing, Splash aids teams in building as well as hosting hybrid, in-person, and virtual events. Amalgamating design and data, you can market, scale, and measure the event programs in ways that were rare in the yesteryears.


Hopin is another venue on the list to host hybrid events and their conventional counterpart. By the looks of it, Hopin is flexible, interactive, and scalable, making it an all-in-one platform. When it comes to hosting an online experience for events, Hopin can close the virtual event to the traditional in-person event. Moreover, there are several core features of Hopin, such as a stage, reception, networking, session, and lastly, an expo area. Hopin also helps you with registration, email, live streaming, and analytics, all in the single-most platform. It doesn’t matter if you’re hosting a 50-person meeting or a conference with 50,000 people; Hopin makes it easy to accomplish your marketing and community objectives.


The platform is made specifically for A/V specialists and professionals in the event-organizing industry. InEvent pushes the boundaries when it comes to event and webinar technology. The product is designed to deliver a cutting-edge, industry-standard experience for enterprise organizations. By the looks of it, the platform is regarded as a white-label solution that helps create hybrid, virtual, in-person events via hardware and software solutions. Backed up by dedicated customer service that’s 24/7 and made for serving the needs of humans. The platform has reportedly serviced over 50,000 events and webinars with more than 2M attendees alongside 60+ million streaming minutes worldwide.


PheedLoop is a 100% end-to-end virtual, on-site, hybrid event engagement and management platform that supports several things, from virtual exhibit halls to native streaming, badge printing, exhibitor portals, registration, instant mobile apps, and automated surveys, among others. It also comes with a system for sponsor monetization. PheedLoop is regarded as the ultimate system for event management, which is greatly streamlined and is used by events of different types and sizes and features attendees like no other. At the time of writing, it’s recorded that PheedLoop serves associations, corporate, government, and academic institutions, as well as government organizations, as clients from across the world.

Organizations indeed have become very content as the world switches to advanced methods of managing and executing events while moving on from spreadsheets. The event management platform takes care of everything that an event-organizing company needs. With the schedule becoming increasingly hectic throughout, a simple yet robust solution could be the answer that diminished the industry gap by tenfolds.

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Final Words

Every event management company needs a robust management system to manage, create and deploy invitations, tickets, and, lastly, completely end-to-end confirmations. The platforms come paired with technology suitable to all needs, from online to in-person. All of the offerings in the list come with a centralized place that stores the information of all of your important events, their information. Furthermore, these platforms simplify communication, coordination, and data gathering, ultimately helping you to enhance your revenue stream.

Today event management has become a critical component that can mend or break the operations of your entire business. The modern-day event management platforms are regarded as Swiss army knives; it comes with several things packed together to deliver outstanding results. All the platforms mentioned in this list come with the tools necessary to promote, launch, segregate, and manage events throughout. If you go for something that’s not up to the mark, then you’ll be wasting your time and resources, so choose wisely.