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Weekly Roundup May 2 – 6: WordPress / Woocommerce

As you know, we build website at Increasily. We are fairly careful about security and safety issues.

We recently won an award for Safest Website, Content and Links.

Having said that, we always look for ways to improve and this article about stress-testing your WordPress installation might help.

From WordPress to Woocommerce, I found helpful this article about how to customise your product serch results page.

Weekly Roundup May 2 – 6: Content Marketing / SEO

Having the right products is key for the success of you recommerce business but it’s not enough.

You also need a good product content strategy.

This article by the guys at Ahrefs about product-led content might come handy.

Weekly Roundup May 2 – 6: Marketing

So to succeed you need a website that is bulletproof, you need the right product and content, but you also need the right audience.

How do you identify that? Well buyer personas can make the task more manageable. That’s why it’s important learning how to create them.

Weekly Roundup May 2 – 6: Social Media

This week these are the social media news that caught my attention.

Starting with some new functionalities Meta implemented for small businesses. Moving on to the best ways to benefit from Meta Business Suite.

Finally, for those of you who want to learn more about TikTok, this article by Sproutsocial explains how its algorithm works.

PS it also seems that finally LinkedIn is updating its algorithm to penalise clickbaits.


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