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June 2021 Marketing Ideas: What to Post on Social Media – Learn about the most important dates, holidays and events to inspire your content marketing and social media strategy in June 2021. If you need help with your social media marketing, make sure you check our social media agency plans or get in touch with our Social Media Strategy Consultants.

June 2021 Monthly Themes

  • Pride Month
  • Care for Your Grandparents Month
  • Audiobook Month
  • PTSD Awareness Month
  • Country Cooking Month
  • Camping Month

June 2021 in Sports

  • NBA Finals (04/06)
  • Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Logan Paul (06/06)
  • Euro 2020 (11/06)
  • UFC 263 (12/06)
  • US Open (17/06)
  • Tour de France (26/06)
  • Wimbledon (28/06)

June 2021 in Pop Culture

  • HBO Max International Release (01/06)
  • The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It (04/06)
  • Samaritan (04/06)
  • The Bachelorette (07/06)
  • Tribeca Film Festival (09/06)
  • Pulitzer Prize (11/06)
  • Loki (11/06)
  • Ghostbusters: Afterlife (11/06)
  • In the Heights (11/06)
  • LEGO Star Wars: the Skywalker Saga (16/06)
  • Hitman’s Wife Bodyguard (16/06)
  • Luca (18/06)
  • Peter Rabbit 2 (18/06)
  • F9 (25/02)
  • BET Awards (27/06)
  • Zola (30/06)

June 2021 in Tech

  • Computex 2021 (01-04/06)
  • End of Google Photos Free Unlimited Storage (01/06)
  • Facebook F8 Developers Conference (02/06)
  • Pax East (03-06/06)
  • E3 2021 (14-16/06)
  • Streameo (15/06)
  • Dublin Tech Summit (17/06)
  • MWC Barcelona (28/06)

June 2021 Marketing Ideas, Events and Holidays

01/06/2021World Milk Day#WorldMilkDay
02/06/2021Running Day#RunningDay
03/06/2021World Bicycle Day#WorldBicycleDay
04/06/2021International Day of Innocent Children Victims of AggressionWebsite
04/06/2021Doughnut Day#DoughnutDay
04/06/2021Cheese Day#CheeseDay
05/06/2021International Day against Illegal FishingWebsite
05/06/2021Co-working Day#CoworkingDay
05/06/2021World Environment Day#WorldEnvironmentDay
06/06/2021D-Day 77th AnniversaryWebsite
06/06/2021Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Logan PaulWebsite
06/06/2021Cancer Survivors Day#CancerSurvivorsDay
07/06/2021June Bank Holiday (Ireland)#JuneBankHoliday
08/08/2021Best Friends Day#BestFriendsDay
08/08/2021World Oceans Day#WorldOceansDay
09/06/2021Rosé Day#RoseDay
11/06/2021Ghostbusters: AfterlifeWebsite
11/06/2021Euro 2021#Euro2021
12/06/2021Superman Day#SupermanDay
12/06/2021World Gin Day#WorldGinDay
12/06/2021World Day against Child LabourWebsite
12/06/2021Philippines Independence DayWebsite
15/06/2021Beer Day (Great Britain)#BeerDay
15/06/2021Nature Photography Day#NaturePhotographyDay
16/06/2021World Tapas Day#TapasDay
17/06/2021Dublin Tech SummitOnline
17/06/2021National Mascot Day#NationalMascotDay
18/06/2021International Picnic Day#PicnicDay
18/06/2021International Sushi Day#SushiDay
18/06/2021Luca (Pixar's)Website
18/06/2021Peter Rabbit 2Website
19/06/2021Martini Day#MartiniDay
19/06/2021Surf Day#SurfDay
20/06/2021Father's Day (Ireland)#FathersDay
20/06/2021World Refugee Day#RefugeeDay
20/06/2021World Productivity Day#ProductivityDay
21/06/2021Summer Solstice#SummerSolstice
21/06/2021World Music Day#MusicDay
21/06/2021International Day of YogaWebsite
21/06/2021Selfie Day#SelfieDay
22/06/2021World Rainforest Day#RainforestDay
23/06/2021Public Service DayWebsite
25/06/2021F9 (Fast & Furious 9)Website
26/06/2021International Day against Drugs Abuse and TraffickingWebsite
26/06/2021Beautician's Day#BeauticiansDay
27/06/2021Sunglasses Day#SunglassesDay
29/06/2021Camera Day#CameraDay
30/06/2021Social Media Day#SocialMediaDay
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