september 2021 marketing ideas

September 2021 Marketing Ideas and Calendar – Learn about the most important dates, holidays and events to inspire your content marketing and social media strategy in September 2021.

By continuing with the reading you will discover +50 ideas to get inspired from and replicate on your social media platforms.

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September 2021 Monthly Themes

  • Friendship Month
  • Sewing Month
  • Read a New Book Month
  • Happy Cat Month
  • Piano Month
  • Preparedness Month

September 2021 Food Themes

  • Sourdough Month
  • Shake Month
  • Honey Month
  • Chicken Month
  • Mushroom Month

September 2021 Awareness Themes

  • Chiari Awareness Month
  • Sepsis Awareness Month
  • Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month
  • Pulmonary Fibrosis Awareness Month
  • Suicide Prevention Month
  • Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
  • Hunger Action Month
  • Duchenne Awareness Month
  • Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

September 2021 Main TV and Movie Releases

  • Cinderella [MOVIE]
  • Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings [MOVIE]
  • Venom [MOVIE]

September 2021 in Sports

  • FIFA WC Qualifier: Portugal v Ireland
  • FIFA WC Qualifier: Lithuania v Northern Ireland
  • FIFA WC Qualifier: Ireland v Azerbaijan
  • FIFA WC Qualifier: Ireland v Serbia
  • FIFA WC Qualifier: Northern Ireland v Switzerland
  • NFL Starts

September 2021 Marketing Ideas, Events and Holidays

01/09/2021Tofu Day#TofuDay
01/09/2021FIFA WC Qualifier: Portugal v IrelandWebsite
02/09/2021The Internet's BirthdayWikipedia
02/09/2021FIFA WC Qualifier: Lithuania v Northern IrelandWebsite
03/09/2021Skyscrapers Day#SkyscrapersDay
03/09/2021Cinderella [MOVIE]Trailer
03/09/2021Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten RingsWebsite
04/09/2021Wildlife Day#WildlifeDay
04/09/2021Google's BirthdayWikipedia
04/09/2021FIFA WC Qualifier: Ireland v AzerbaijanWebsite
05/09/2021Samosa Day#SamosaDay
06/09/2021Read a Book Day#ReadABookDay
06/09/2021Labor Day (USA)Wikipedia
07/09/2021FIFA WC Qualifier: Ireland v SerbiaWebsite
07/09/2021Duchenne Awareness Day#DuchenneAwarenessDay
07/09/2021Beer Lover's Day#BeerLoversDay
08/09/2021Star Trek Day#StarTrekDay
08/09/2021FIFA WC Qualifier: Northern Ireland v SwitzerlandWebsite
09/09/2021Teddy Bear Day#TeddyBearDay
09/09/2021NFL StartsWebsite
10/09/2021World Suicide Prevention Day#SuicidePreventionDay
12/09/2021Videogames Day#VideogamesDay
15/09/2021Yom KippurWikipedia
16/09/2021Guacamole Day#GuacamoleDay
16/09/2021Independence Day (MEXICO)Website
17/09/2021Culture Night (IRELAND)Website
18/09/2021Cheeseburger Day#CheeseburgerDay
18/09/2021Women Rugby World CupWebsite
19/09/2021Emmy AwardsWebsite
20/09/2021Pepperoni Pizza Day#PepperoniPizzaDay
21/09/2021World Alzheimer's Day#AlzheimersDay
22/09/2021Autumn's EquinoxWebsite
22/09/2021Business Women's Day#BusinessWomensDay
24/09/2021Venom [MOVIE]Website
26/09/2021Rivers Day#RiversDay
27/09/2021Tourism Day#TourismDay
28/09/2021Drink Beer Day#DrinkBeerDay
29/09/2021Biscotti Day#BiscottiDay
30/09/2021International Podcast Day#PodcastDay
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