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Read the most up to date list of all upcoming TOV webinars for May 2021 and apply directly free of charge.

Please note in order to attend the TOV webinar, your business must be registered in the county council the seminar you apply for is delivered.

All webinars are delivered online via Zoom.

If you need help with your online application or for a fast quote, make sure you check my article:

Trading Online Voucher Webinars, May 2021 Dates

South Dublin07/05/2021Book Now
DLR11/05/2021Booked Out
Donegal12/05/2021Book Now
Cork City12/05/2021Book Now
South Cork12/05/2021Book Now
Fingal13/05/2021Book Now
Mayo19/05/2021Book Now
Wicklow20/05/2021Book Now
South Cork25/05/2021Book Now
Wexford27/05/2021Book Now
Limerick28/05/2021Book Now
Sligo27/05/2021Book Now



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