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Learn about the most important dates, holidays and events to inspire your social media and marketing activities in December 2020.

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UK and Ireland Marketing Calendar, December 2020

01/12/2020World AIDS Day
01/12/2020First day of Advent
01/12/2020Rosa Park's Anniversary
02/12/2020Abolition of Slavery Day
03/12/2020Disability Day
04/12/2020Cookie Day
05/12/2020International Volunteer Day
06/12/2020St. Nicholas Day
07/12/2020Walt Disney Day
07/12/2020Civil Aviation Day
08/12/2020Brownie Day
08/12/2020The Immaculate Conception
09/12/2020Pastry Day
09/12/2020Techno Day
09/12/2020Christmas Card Day
09/12/2020Day of Veterinary Medicine
09/12/2020Anti Corruption Day
10/12/2020Human Rights Day
10/12/2020Lager Day
11/12/2020Mountain Day
12/12/2020Gingerbread House Day
12/12/2020Shareware Day
13/12/2020Violin Day
14/12/2020Roast Chestnut Day
15/12/2020Tea Day
17/12/2020The Simpsons' Birthday
17/12/2020Re-gifting Day
18/12/2020Ugly Christmas Sweater Day
18/12/2020Migrants Day
18/12/2020Arabic Language Day
18/12/2020Underdog Day
20/12/2020Games Day
20/12/2020Sangria Day
21/12/2020Winter Solstice
22/12/2020NBA Regular Season Begins
23/12/2020The Midnight Sky Release (Netflix)
24/12/2020Christmas Eve
25/12/2020Christmas Day
25/12/2020Soul Release (Disney+)
26/12/2020St. Stephen's Day
26/12/2020Leopardstown Christmas Festival (Ireland)
31/12/2020New Year's Eve
31/12/2020Facebook FarmVille shuts down
31/12/2020Adobe Flash Player end of support


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