Weekly Roundup, March 28 – April 1

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Welcome to our digital marketing weekly roundup with the most interesting news about SEO, online advertising, web design and web development, WordPress, social media and more.

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Now, let’s start the weekly roundup March 28 – April 1!

Weekly Roundup Mar 28 – Apr 1: Web Design / Development / WordPress

Web design experts are in high demand and we know many individuals are seeking to level up their design and development skills with a coveted web design degree. If you are looking to continue your education and are wanting to pursue a master’s degree in web design development online, this article Best Value Schools: Best 12 Master’s Degree in Web Design Development Online in 2022 highlights the best 12 master’s degree in web development and design.

If you are interested in the WordPress environment, you might also like these other two articles about the 5 WordPress Knowledgebase Plugins in 2022 (Compared).

I also want to share a tutorial I wrote about an annoying bug affecting a number of WordPress websites using elementor.

The bug causes a fatal error. I hope this guide on how to fix Elementor 3.6 fatal error is somehow helpful for you guys.

Weekly Roundup Mar 28 – Apr 1: SEO

I was very surprised to read via Search Engine Roundtable about what Google’s John Mueller tweeted regarding nofollow links:

In brief, the value of the link is not affected by the nofollow attribute!

Moving on, you might know by now that I love reading articles by the guys at Ahrefs and this one about seed keywords is another great contribution!

Another great article is this one by Yoast on SEO for ecommerce. I work with a number of ecommerce brands and I find the article very helpful!

Finally, my own article about the renown H1 tag. In brief, should we use it more than once on a web page? Read more in this easy SEO guide.

Weekly Roundup Mar 28 – Apr 1: Online Advertising

I am always looking for ways to further optimise Google Ads campaigns and this article helped me better understanding some aspects of the Google Display Network.

Weekly Roundup Mar 28 – Apr 1: Marketing

This week I found a number of very interesting articles on how to start, run or grow your SEO or digital marketing agency.

Also some more interesting blog posts about customer acquisition and lucrative niche websites.

Weekly Roundup Mar 28 – Apr 1: Content Marketing

One of my biggest challenges has always been content distribution. That’s why I really liked this guide.

Also as a small business, I am always looking to add value to the content generated by bringing new ideas.

Weekly Roundup Mar 28 – Apr 1: Social Media

I haven’t found a lot of interesting content (to me) about social media this week besides some news about new messaging features on Instagram and a blog post about growing an Instagram following that converts.

You might probably also want to check this comparison between TikTok and Instagram Reels.


That’s all for this week folks! I hope you enjoyed the weekly roundup March 28 – April 1.

Feel free to share it on your social media and as always comment below!

I will leave you with a quote from our Instagram:

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