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What is the SoLoMo Mindset? Easy Definition for 2021

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What is the SoLoMo Mindset? Easy Definition for 2021 – In this article I write about the concept of SoLoMo mindset and its application to marketing.

You will learn what is the SoLoMo mindset, why it’s important and how to use it in a marketing context.

What is the SoLoMo Mindset?

SoLoMo stands for Social, Local, and Mobile and it refers to a new buying mindset of the so-called Homo Digitalis.

What Are the Pre-Requisites of the SoLoMo Mindset?

For this mindset to work, the following pre-requisites are needed:

  • Connectivity (Always-in-Touch or Always-On)
  • Usability
  • Efficiency
  • Communication


The Social aspect of the SoLoMo mindset is about the rising importance of social networks in the decision-making of the buyer.

Buyers nowadays connect on social networks to ask and answer questions, read reviews and share content.


The Mobile aspect of the SoLoMo mindset is about ‘the possibility [for the buyer] of instantly access all kinds of information’ directly from her mobile device.


The Local aspect of the SoLoMo midset is about the traceability of the buyer through the Global Positioning System (GPS).

This traceability helps companies offer and customise location-based services.

Why is the SoLoMo Mindset Important?

This new mindset is the result of a new customer behaviour due to the Digitalisation process in marketing (see ‘What is Human-to-Human Marketing‘ for more info on the topic).

How to Apply the SoLoMo Mindset in Marketing?

To apply the SoLoMo mindset in marketing, you might want to consider some of these practices for your personal or business brand:

  • Social – Make sure you have an active presence on the social networks mostly used by your audience
  • Mobile – Make sure you have a responsive and fast website, whose functionalities are easy to reach and use
  • Local – Make sure you are visible on Google Maps and any other directory that is relevant to your business


In ‘What is the SoLoMo mindset? Easy Definition for 2021 I have tried to raise awareness about the changed buyer behaviour as a result of the process of Digitalisation.

As a business, it’s important to be aware and address the new mindset through H2H marketing activities.


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Feature image by Gian Cescon on Unsplash


Pasquale Mellone

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