Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup, 15th – 19th February 2021

digital marketing weekly roundup

Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup, 15th – 19th February 2021 – In this Digital Marketing weekly roundup you will find the most interesting articles from around the web about Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Online Advertising, WordPress and more that have been published between 15th – 19th February 2021.

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Weekly Roundup Featured Article

amazon seo 101 - samsung mobile phone with amazon logo

Amazon SEO 101

Increasily on 15th February – This article was written by the guys at AMZScout. It’s full of amazing tips on Amazon SEO. It’s a must-read if you are selling on Amazon and want to get more visibility for your shop and products.

And now let’s dive into our Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup!


Keywords of the week: #CoreWebVitals, #Local

Local Search

This week I have read a lot of articles about Local Search, whose findings I am summarising below:

  • According to Google’s John Mueller, there is no point in debating whether a Wix website would rank better than a WordPress one for local searches:

Core Web Vitals

There is a beautiful infographic and article by Brightedge about Google’s focus on page experience throughout the years:

page experience throughout the years
Source: Brightedge

It’s also very recent the news that Google has changed its Core Web Vitals reporting in Google Search Console from (< less than) to (< less than or equal to).

In short, this means that now your website will show a good rating on Core Web Vitals not ONLY if LCP, FIP and CLS are below what’s recommended but also if they are equal to.

If you want to know more about the acronyms I have just used, you might want to check my article and FAQs on Core Web Vitals and Page Experience.

As far as general SEO articles from this past week, you might also want to check:


This week I just have my two articles to recommend:


This week I have mainly learned:

  1. How to create a Privacy Policy (and Terms of Service) page for free on (recommended)
  2. How to add custom tabs to Woocommerce product pages in bulk and without a plugin (I will write an article about it in the coming week)
  3. That if I used Ninja Forms me and about +1 million WordPress websites would have to quickly update to its newest release because of discovered vulnerabilities by Wordfence
  4. That -surprise, surprise- somebody is writing fake reviews for their own plugin


Some things worth-noting from this week’s PPC updates:


The articles above are handpicked by me during the week. If you want your article mentioned on our weekly round up, or you want to promote your products or services through a featured article, feel free to get in touch.

Featured image by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash



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