Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup, 18th – 22nd Jan 2021

digital marketing weekly roundup

Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup, 18th – 22nd January 2021 – In this weekly roundup you will find the most interesting articles from around the web about Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Online Advertising, WordPress and more that have been published between 18th – 22nd January 2021.

Weekly Roundup Featured Article

what is facebook automated alternative text

What is Facebook Automatic Alternative Text?

In this article I explain what Facebook Automatic Alternative Text (AAT), why it’s important and how this has recently been improved.

And now let our weekly roundup begin!

SEO Weekly Roundup, 18th – 22nd January 2021

How to Customise Wix SEO Patterns

19th January on – In this article, which I wrote for Increasily’s sister company SEO Agency Dublin, Ireland’s first and only Wix SEO agency, I show you step-by-step how to customise your Wix SEO patterns.

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Marketing Weekly Roundup, 18th – 22nd January 2021

UK and Ireland Marketing Calendar, February 2021

19th January on – The usual article full of dates, events and inspiration for your marketing and social media effort in February 2021.

Trading Online Voucher Webinars, February 2021 Dates

21st January on – If you run a small business and want to avail of a substantial grant to launch or re-design your website, improving the SEO and increasing online sales, make sure you check the date of this seminar from your Local Enterprise Office.

WordPress Weekly Roundup, 18th – 22nd January 2021

WordPress Accessibility Checker Review: WAVE and WCAG Plugins

18th January on – In this article the guys at WPLift show how to do an accessibility review of your website by using the freemium plugin Accessibility Checker.

7 Best Elementor Alternatives

21st January on – Elementor is my favourite page builder of choice for WordPress but it’s not the only good one available. In this article the guys at Athemes list arguably the best 7 alternative page builders, including Visual Composer and WPBakery Builder.

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Web Design Weekly Roundup, 18th – 22nd January 2021

7 Call-to-Action Tools to Help You Increase Conversions

20th January on – In this article you will find some great tools, most of which I didn’t know abuot, to help you increase conversions by strategically optimising your call-to-action strategy.

In other news:

Social Media Weekly Roundup, 18th – 22nd January 2021

How to Create a Facebook Group for Your Business

20th January on – I have been toying with the idea of creating a Facebook group out of Increasily for some time now. If you have also been thinking about the same idea, this article by Hubspot will put you in the right direction.

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