Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup, 24th-30th Aug 2019

digital marketing weekly roundup with b&w image of a mobile phone on top of a magazine

Hey folks, another week gone by and it’s pretty much September!

It’s also back-to-school time for parents and children!

Another busy week at our digital marketing agency. These days we are doing a lot of web design work!

Before getting into the digital marketing weekly roundup from the week I want to take a moment to thank all digital marketers out there who are sending articles.

We like receiving those and we are happy to publish them.

Enough intro now. Enjoy this our digital marketing weekly roundup:


Social Media

WordPress & Web Design


  • Compare 14 top marketing automation platforms (Marketing Land, 28th August 2019) – Marketing automation can greatly help your business. In this article, the guys at Marketing Land explore some of the top options out there.
  • 13 PR Blogs You Should Be Reading This Year (Hubspot, 29th August 2019) – Are you happy about your PR efforts? if you think that something can be improved, you better check these guys for inspiration, tips and tricks.
  • Avoid these 50 mistakes when you make an advergame (Plinq, 26th August 2019) – I confess I didn’t know what an advergame was until I read this post, which we received and published. If you are thinking about an advergame for your brand, make sure you check out this post.

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For now, I hope you all have a great weekend!

PS Today we are shooting a new video for our agency. I’ll make sure to give it great visibility. If you are curious about it, stay tuned and follow us on social media.

Featured image by Daniel Korpai (Unsplash, n/a)


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