Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup, 25th – 29th January 2021

digital marketing weekly roundup

Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup, 25th – 29th January 2021 – In this weekly roundup you will find the most interesting articles from around the web about Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Online Advertising, WordPress and more that have been published between 25th – 29th Jan 2021.

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Weekly Roundup Featured Article

how to hide the wordpress login page

How to Hide the WordPress Login Page

28th January on – In this article I show you how to protect your WordPress websites from some of the most widely-spread threats by hiding your WordPress login page. If you want to have an idea of the scale of what you will be avoiding, take a look at the latest Wordfence Threat Report.

And now let our weekly roundup begin!

SEO Weekly Roundup, 25th – 29th January 2021

How to Add a Favicon to Shopify

25th January on – A favicon is indirectly important for your SEO efforts as it conveys trust, which in turns could mean more clicks and a higher Click-Through-Rate for your Shopify store.

How to Add Google Analytics to Wix

27th January on – In this article, which is ideal for beginners who just launched their Wix website, I explain how to add Google Analytics to your Wix pages.

In other news:

Marketing Weekly Roundup, 25th – 29th January 2021

How to Manage Your Wix Email Subscribers

28th January on – Wix allows you to manage your email marketing through their native app. In this brief article I explain how to view, import and export your Wix email subscribers.

WordPress Weekly Roundup, 25th – 29th January 2021

The Wordfence 2020 WordPress Threat Report

27th January on – This is a great report to raise awareness about the threats that could potentially affect any WordPress website and about the importance of taking the corresponding countermeasures.

8 Best CDN Services for WordPress

28th January on – Using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) could potentially improve the performance (and speed) of your WordPress website. In this article the guys at Elegant Themes compile a reasonable list of the best CDN services for WordPress.

In other news:

Web Design Weekly Roundup, 25th – 29th January 2021

Web Design Trends and Statistics 2021 [Infographic]

27th January on – One of the many infographics by the guys at Social Media Today, this time about stats and trends in web design for 2021.

Social Media Weekly Roundup, 25th – 29th January 2021

Social Commerce: a Simple Guide for Beginners

27th January on – If you want to learn more about how ecommerce and social networks can work together, I would highly recommend you read this article.

How Does News Feed Predict What You Want to See?

27th January on – One of two interesting articles from Facebook this week. Here they explain how their news feed algorithm predicts what you want to see.

In other news:

PPC Weekly Roundup, 25th – 29th January 2021

Why You Need to Be Using Google Ads Bid Automation?

27th on – In this articles the guys at PPC Hero give advice on one of the most debated topics in the Pay-Per-Click world: bid automation.

Weekly Roundup Disclaimer

The articles above are handpicked by me during the week. If you want your article mentioned on our weekly round up, or you want to promote your products or services through a featured article, feel free to get in touch.

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