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Facebook to Change Mobile Newsfeed Ads and Posts

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I hope you had a great weekend, folks!

We are starting the week with some fresh news directly from Facebook.

According to a note released on their Ads Help Centre, Facebook is about to change their mobile newsfeed ads and posts (Facebook Business Blog, 2019).

What is this change about?

The change will affect mobile newsfeed ads and posts in two ways:

  • Fewer lines of primary text

    Before the change users could see up to 7 primary text lines. Now these primary text lines will drop to three, after which users will be prompted to click if they want to view the additional text

  • Maximum media height reduced to 4:5

    The original media height for photos and video is 2:3. After the change, the height will drop to 4:5

When is the change happening?

The change will be rolled out on both Facebook mobile newsfeed ads and posts on August 19th, 2019.

Keep following our social media and blog for more news on the topic. For now, have a great start of the week!

Featured photo by Tim Bennet on Unsplash (Unsplash, 2019) [accessed 22nd July 2019]


Pasquale Mellone

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