Increasily is an Indispensable Digital Marketing Agency

Increasily has been shortlisted as one of the ‘Top 10 Indispensable Digital Marketing Agencies in Europe’ by CIOReview Europe magazine.

This nomination is the fifth recognition for Increasily in 2022 and the 11th since 2021.

Commenting on the nomination, Founder & Head of Strategy Pasquale Mellone said:

It’s an unbelievable fifth achievement since the start of the year and I am lost for words. In fairness, we don’t work to get awards or recognition but I would lie if I said that these news give us an extra boost.

CIOReview Europe is a print and digital magazine with 134,000 qualified subscribers from the UK and Europe. It provides a comprehensive platform for senior-level Technology leaders and decision-makers to share their insights following a unique approach learned by peers.

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Pasquale Mellone

Pasquale is Founder at, a H2H marketing agency based in Dublin, Ireland, and owner at print-on-demand ecommerce Pasquale has worked in Digital Marketing and Account Management since 2004. He currently lives in Dublin with his wife, stepdaughter and cat.