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Self-Compassion and Digital Marketing – In this article I am writing about a topic not always associated with digital marketing: self-compassion.

By reading you will learn what self-compassion is and how it can help you reduce your level of stress as a digital marketer.

This blog post is part of a series about digital marketing and stress, including:

What is Self-Compassion?

There are many definitions of self-compassion, mostly focusing on treating yourself like you would treat a friend:

Self-compassion involves responding in the same supportive and understanding way you would with a good friend when you have a difficult time, fail, or notice something you don’t like about yourself((What is Self-Compassion?

Having said that, my favourite definition of self-compassion is:

Self-compassion is the ability to turn understanding, acceptance, and love inward((Self-Compassion, Jun 17, 2019 –


Why is Self-Compassion Important?

Treating yourself with kindness has a positive effect on your whole being. Self-compassion is often associated with an improvement in the following areas((Firestone, Lisa The Many Benefits of Self-Compassion, Oct 29, 2016 –

  • Happiness
  • Optimism
  • Positive affect
  • Wisdom
  • Personal initiative
  • Curiosity and exploration
  • Agreeableness
  • Conscientiousness
  • Extroversion

How to Apply Self-Compassion in Digital Marketing?

You can apply self-compassion in the following areas related to digital marketing:

  • Work and workload – There are never enough hours in the day and the workload could at times seem never ending. Recognise that you are a human being and give yourself a break if you couldn’t complete all the tasks by the agreed timeline
  • Goals and performance – Part of digital marketing is promoting products and services for clients with the goal of increasing their online sales and revenue. Sometimes thing don’t go as expected and it might take longer for sales to pick up. This could be a very stressful moment for both digital marketer and client. Practice some self-compassion by embracing the process and thinking positively about the final outcome
  • Choose the right language – Just rewarding the language we use in our day to day, emails, phone calls and virtual meetings can have a powerful effect on our well-being. To practice self-compassion, always use empowering and constructive words

I hope you liked this short article about self-compassion and digital marketing. If you have experienced any of the above or if you have any feedback, please share your thoughts in the comments.

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