Weekly Roundup, Week 2-8 August 2019

Hey guys, I am just back from holidays.

It was great being disconnected for a few days but now back to work and catching up with emails and news.

It seems there has been some amazing content posted in the last seven days, mostly about SEO, Google Ads, and Social Media.

From this week I am also adding a special section for content I received from other digital marketers


Social Media

Received & Published

  • Image SEO: The Ultimate Step-by-Step-Guide For Ranking In Google Images (SEO Sherpa, 13th July 2019) – An article that was sent to me via email. Not as recent as other blog posts on the lists but I really like the reading, which I found very useful.
  • Social Media Statistics 2019 (Zariance Reads, 29th April 2019) – Another article that was sent to me last week. It’s not as recent as the other blog posts on the list but it’s definitely something worth-checking if you are not sure on what social media platform your audience is and you should focus on.

I hope you like it, folks!

As usual, if you have an article you think it’s worth adding to the list please reach out via the contact form on the right hand side or via email.

For now, enjoy the rest of the week!



Pasquale Mellone

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