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In this post I am writing about Instagram Live Rooms, the latest feature from the most well-known photo- and video-sharing app.

You will learn what Live Rooms is an how to use it through a simple tutorial.

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What is Instagram Live Rooms?

It is the latest feature by Instagram allowing a user to go live on Instagram with other users.

Is it Available Globally?

At present, Instagram’s official post only states that:

Live Rooms will soon be available globally for everyone on Instagram

How Many People Can I Go Live on Instagram with?

You can go live on Instagram with up to three other people.

Before March 1st you could go live with only one other user. Now with Instagram Live Rooms you can add up to three other people.

How to Use Instagram Live Rooms

To start an Instagram Live Room:

  1. Swipe left and choose the live camera option
  2. Add a title for your room
  3. Tap the Rooms icon to add up to three guests (people might request to go live with you or alternatively you can search for a user to go live with)


Instagram’s official post on

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