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How To Leverage The Power Of Social Media Video Content

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Videos are the best way to connect with audiences globally. They are catchy, engaging, and they appeal more to human emotions than images or any other means of information processing. The demand for videos in digital marketing stands as a witness to its upsurge, and this is likely to increase as we move forward in time. In the last two years, video has proved to be the most important element in digital industries. 

According to a survey, 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. video has surpassed other heavyweight contenders like blogging, email, and infographics as the most commonly used type of marketing content. Due to its influence on sales, leads, traffic, and audience understanding, marketers prefer videos for their brand promotion. It is a key priority of all marketers due to the impact it has created in the last 4 years. This can be seen from the fact that the number of videos that were watched in 2018 has doubled since.

Evolution of videos

Video is an inexhaustible medium; it is not going anywhere. Video has gone through a century of development. Remember the days when it used to be black and white on televisions? From then to the present times, when they come in pocket-sized gadgets, they have evolved a lot. As the demand increases, videos will continue to evolve into better versions. In order to compete with top content creators, many video creator tools are being developed. These video maker tools come with great features, enabling the creators to create the highest quality videos. They also make their task easier and more efficient. 

So far, we have painted a good picture regarding the impact videos have had on the general public. Let us now move on to the tips and steps for harnessing the power of video content for your own purposes. 

How to leverage the power of video content on social media?

It is also important to note how video impacts vary across different social media. Different social media platforms are used differently, with different qualities and varying video lengths.


93% of marketers plan to use Instagram for influencer marketing, 83% through Instagram stories and 36% through the reels, so if you are starting off as a marketer, then definitely consider promoting your brand on Instagram. With 1 billion active users, Instagram has a lot to offer. There is no shortage of social influencers, especially on Instagram, where there is a huge flood of social media influencers. If you want to leverage the power of videos, this is the best way to do it. If you want to get famous and have good content to provide the audience with, then you should definitely use instagram marketing for your videos and brand promotion. 


YouTube has over 2 billion monthly active users, and with a diverse user base, you are likely to connect your business to a like-minded audience.

With the introduction of the reel feature, it has become even easier to get more subs on YouTube, provided that you have engaging content to post. Keep in mind that the YouTube algorithm promotes relatively longer videos, so if you like to make longer videos or whose brands and products demand demonstrations and explanations, consider using YouTube. If you work hard, combined with a little luck, you can have your video displayed on YouTube’s trending page. 


2021 was a record-smashing year for Tiktok. It’s bigger than ever before. This is the right time to capitalise on it, or as they say, go with the flow. It was the most downloaded app in 2021, and with new features like the in-apps, there are more marketers investing their time and efforts in TikTok. It is the best platform as far as direct contact with the audience is concerned. 

It has surpassed Instagram in popularity in many developed countries, like the U.S. Tiktok has content for all age ranges, making it versatile and more engaging compared to other apps. 


The most popular social media platform among digital marketers is still Facebook. This is the reason why 93% of marketers still prefer to use Facebook for their brand and product promotion. Facebook has observed an increment in their engagement from 0.29% to 0.44%. It has also managed to maintain over 100 million hours of daily watch time. So, if you are someone interested in building a sustained and reliable relationship with the viewers, then consider uploading videos on Facebook.

Impact of videos on marketers

You will be surprised to learn that over 72% of people want the products to be displayed in videos. Even back in 2018, 87% of customers wanted to see brands produce more videos for the exposition of their products. Promotions of brands or demonstrations of products through demo videos allow customers to be sure of their choices and to have a good look at the product before they buy it. This builds a strong connection and communication between marketers and consumers. 

Marketers leveraging the power of video is evident from the fact that 87% of marketers today use video as their marketing tool. This has increased by 25% since 2016. 92% of all marketers consider it an important part of their projects. Videos have worked wonders for marketers by generating more leads and sales for them. It has also improved their products’ understanding, and consequently, they have become more desirable. After making video their top priority, they have observed improvement in video engagement, video views, leads, brand awareness, customer engagement, bottom-line sales, etc.

More than 99% of marketers have said that video will remain their top priority. So if you are planning to become one of them, then you should definitely start working on your videos right away.

Popularity of videos amongst Gen Z and Millennials

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The internet is dominated by Gen Z and millennials. It’s impossible for them to get through life without videos. As the internet reaches more people, the demand for videos will increase automatically. In one YouTube survey, 51% of people from these two generations admitted that they could not live without watching the videos on a daily basis. Anyone looking to leverage the power of videos should take note of these statistics and how influential they are among these two generations.

Final Thoughts

There are a few more things that play a key role in the making of quality video content. So, if you want to fully leverage the power of video content, then you can’t afford to miss out on these:

Camera Angles

They are the life of your video, and in order to present it at its best, you need to choose the perfect camera angles. Camera angles should be such that the products and their features should be the centre of attention.


Always use a professional tone. This allows your audience to trust you and makes you look more reliable. Everyone wants to learn from professionals. That’s why having a professional tone adds more value to your video. Also, do not skimp on the quality of your video; make sure it is informative and engaging.

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