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The Story

China Sichuan is a 3rd generation, family-run, authentic Chinese restaurant located in Sandyford, Co Dublin.

Their creative menu features Irish produce combined with Cantonese and Sichuan dishes.

The Challenge

Their old website had become very slow and not so user-friendly. Most importantly, owner Kevin Hui felt it didn’t reflect the personality or history of the brand.

Together with Andrew Watchorn, photographer and brand strategist for this project, they approached Increasily for a complete re-design and re-development of the website.

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3.5 Seconds
Fully Loaded

2.2 Seconds
Time to Interactive

The Solution

At Increasily, we have created a fast, functional and easy-to-use website for both staff and customers.

Powered by WordPress, the website design is based on a mix of traditional (the Chinese logograms, the vertical lines, etc) and contemporary styles (the bold font, the strong colour palette).

The custom-designed website includes, among other things:

  • Woocommerce shop
  • Integration with ResDiary booking system
  • Printable and downloadable menu
  • Fixed bottom menu on mobile
  • Easy to use plugin to update the menu (with allergens)
  • WP Rocket caching plugin to ensure a fast page loading and time to interactive

We also looked at overall website elements such as:

  • Tracking (Google Analytics)
  • Security (Wordfence)
  • SEO (Google Search Console)

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