Optimise Your Shopify Site Structure in 2021 (Easy Tutorial)

optimise shopify site structure

Optimise Your Shopify Site Structure in 2021 – In this article I am going to explain how to optimise your Shopify site structure.

You will learn what a site structure is, how Shopify stores are structure and what you can to to optimise it.

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What is a Site Structure?

The site structure is the way your website is structured and broken down into pages. A typical structure for a brochure website, or a website that doesn’t include any ecommerce functionality, would include the following pages: Home, About, Services, Blog, Contact.

What is the Typical Shopify Site Structure?

The typical structure for a Shopify store would include pages like [Product] Categories and Products. This because the site structure for an ecommerce website is generally different from the structure for a brochure one.

How to Optimise Your Shopify Site Structure

Your Shopify store comes with a structure that is already optimised for SEO. This means your Shopify site structure:

  • Follows a logical hierarchy
  • Doesn’t use iframes (HTML pages within HTML pages)
  • Uses simple and readable URLs

Shopify Site Structure Best Practices

When adding new pages to your store, you need to make sure:

  • Each new page has a link (or sublink) in your store main navigation
  • Pages are no more than 3 clicks away from the homepage
  • Pages are structured in a logical sense



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